The iPod: For many the start of a love affair with Apple products. I know that's where it all began for me 9 years ago with the purchase of a 20GB iPod. With all the current rumors of a new Apple music service and WWDC around the corner, what better time than to take a trip down memory lane and see where the digital music revolution truly kicked into gear.

Compared to the Apple product presentations of the present day, the 2001 introduction of the iPod was a relatively low-key affair, delivered by the late Steve Jobs at Apple HQ in Cupertino. 2001 was before the age of livestreams, and liveblogs, and the gathered press would have been reporting the announcement in a very different way to how WWDC will be reported to the world in a few weeks.

The iPod was truly a revolutionary product, and modern technology icon. At the time, having the ability to carry 1,000 songs in your pocket was unheard of. As the years passed, the iPod and iTunes Store changed the way we listen to music.

So, join us, sit back and relax, and watch the video above to see the 2001 iPod introduction in full. 12 year old video footage isn't a patch on today's, but it all adds to the nostalgia. Maybe you recall this event from first time around, and remember going out to purchase your very first iPod? What did you feel when you took out of the box for the very first time?

Video courtesy of EverySteveJobsVideo on YouTube