TripIt is one of the most loved travel apps around, and today's update to version 4.5 sees some great new additions for regular and Pro users, one of which is offline trip editing. Particularly useful for those of us that don't regularly fly on those fancy WiFi enabled planes! Here's what else is new:

  • Get alerts when a TripIt itinerary is created, and for invitations or pre-trip updates. Set preferences for which alerts you get in the alerts center.
  • Easily share specific travel plans, like your hotel or restaurant reservations, keeping everyone up to date about your trip.
  • For TripIt Pro users: Share Pro flight alerts and flight statuses so friends and family will know whether you're on time or not.
  • Manage your subscription settings, straight from the mobile app now. And those changes will be reflected in the web application.
  • New offline trip editing! Make changes to your itinerary as you’re traveling, even if not connected. Your changes will sync once you are connected to wireless again.
  • Various bug fixes.

All useful stuff, and just continues to keep TripIt at the top of the pile. Grab the latest version from the App Store at the link below. Are you a regular TripIt user? How do these latest features find you?

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