This Instagram image was taken by the TSA. No, really. It shows a weapon they confiscated from someone's carry on luggage at Austin Bergstrom airport. The TSA now has their own Instagram account and has taken to posting images of some of the things they're confiscating at airports across the U.S. It's both shocking, and re-assuring at the same time; shocking items such as loaded guns were found at all, but re-assuring that the TSA is visibly doing a job to protect our safety, even if they are telling us about it themselves.

The TSA is no stranger to using the power of the Internet to talk about their successes, but with the enormous, global reach of Instagram, this latest method really can reach everyone. Further still, they're pretty good Instagram photos as well; composed, 'properly' filtered and framed!

It could be seen as an unusual tactic, but as todays world ever changes towards mobile, and apps like Instagram are great examples of this, there's no reason why an enforcement agency like the TSA shouldn't use mobile to get their point across. What do you guys think of this? Any other government agencies you'd like to see take to Instagram?

Source: TSA Instagram via Forbes