tShirtOS is the first iPhone controlled t-shirt with integrated washable displaytShirtOS lets you display anything and everything you want right on your t-shirt, and control it all with your iPhone and an iOS app. Wearable electronics could be a huge part of the future, both for fashion and functionality. Google is already jumping out of planes, and bringing us along for the ride, wearing their Glass technology. tShirtOS has a different goal, though. To make us the display. This system consists of a washable t-shirt with an integrated display panel and camera. It can then display Twitter updates, Facebook content, Instagram photographs and much more.

The display currently only supports a resolution of 32 x 32 which matches that of the tiny built in camera. It is made up of 1,024 tiny RGC LEDs which all connect back to a small PCB which has Bluetooth, USB, an accelerometer and a pair of headphone sockets. The processor for the project is still being decided upon with two prototypes currently in testing. One is an 8-bit processor and the other a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor. The t-shirt will be controlled via an iPhone 4S running at least iOS 5.0 or greater.

The bad news is that the technology is still in its infancy and costs a huge amount to make each t-shirt. CuteCircuit will be monitoring the interest in the product and will make a decision about making a cheaper consumer version in the future.

Could you see yourself wearing a t-shirt that can display tweets and other information from the internet?

Source: tShirtOS via SlashGear