Tumblr app refreshed and reorganized for iOS 7

Tumblr has updated its app for iOS 7, redesigning a number of sections of the app and reorganizing them for easier access. The toolbar at the bottom of the app has been redesigned, with the post button now in the center. The dashboard and search tabs are on the left of the post tab, while the account and activity sections have been separated into their own tabs, each located to the right of the post tab.

When you tap the post tab, your six options bubble up from the bottom the bottom of the app. Pick one to make a post. When selecting a photo or video post, Tumblr shows you your photos, with your Camera Roll being the default view. You can choose photos and videos from any of your albums. If you want to take a new photo or video from within the app, scroll down to the bottom of your Camera Roll and select the last tile, which will bring up the camera.

This update also has tag autocomplete and fast reblog. You can download the update right now from the App Store.

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