Turn your iPhone into a thermal imaging device with the IR-Blue Kickstarter projectIf you have ever had the need for a thermal imaging device then you know how expensive they can be. Well this latest Kickstarter project looks to change all of that by utilizing your iPhone and a new clip on thermal imaging camera. The project which is currently running on Kickstarter, was developed over a need to find leaks in a home owners property to curtail spiraling energy costs.

I have a 100 year old house that can be drafty and hard to heat in the winter. I have been wanting a thermal imaging camera to help find leaks ever since we bought this house. The cheapest one I could find was $1,500 so I finally just made my own. This is the IR-Blue.

The IR-Blue lets you see the temperature of things around you. It uses a 64 zone non-contact InfraRed sensor array to read the temperature of what you are viewing. The IR-Blue connects using Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device to show the temperature readings as colors on the screen.

The IR-Blue has already smashed its funding target of $20,000 and currently sits at over $112k. Thankfully it is not too late to grab a piece of the early action. You can make a pledge starting at $145 for a self-assembly kit or $165 for an IR-Blue fully assembled.

This is certainly an accessory that I would be interested in, I have an old stone built house that leaks energy like a sieve. With one of these attached to my iPhone I could pin point all of the problematic areas with ease. What do you think of the IR-Blue?

Source: Kickstarter