The TW Cable app has just been updated by Time Warner and has added in some nice new features to an already impressive app -- but it now also blocks Jailbroken devices. So the good news is, you now have over 100 channels available to watch from within the app and also a remote DVR Manager for compatible cable boxes. The downside, if you decide to update and have a jailbroken iPad, the the app will block you from viewing any content.

TWCable TV is not supported on “jailbroken” devices. Please restore your iPad to factory defaults, then reinstall TWCable TV.

We can only imagine that Time Warner is trying to prevent jailbroken users from accessing its content in ways that are against its terms and conditions (i.e. the old "they'll steal our content!!" bit). However, it feels more like a of overly reactionary discrimination going on here against the majority of honest jailbreak and TW Cable users!

Apparently, there is a way to bypass the jailbreak check and get the app working on a jailbroken iPad. It involves manually installing a .deb file on your device. FSM has a post up explaining how to do it, so hit the link below if you want to give it a try.

Thanks Matthew for the tip!

[iTunes link, FSM]


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