Tweetbo 3.1 adds text resizing, quick actions, and more

Tweetbot 3.1 is out, adding some important features to Tweetbot, including using lists as timeline, quick actions, and independent text sizing. To use one of your lists as your timeline, first make sure that Tweetbot has loaded your lists at least once. Then, in the timeline view, tap and hold on the timline name at the top of the screen. Choose your desired list from the drop-down menu that appears.

Text can now be resized from within the app, independent of iOS 7's text sizing. Go to Settings > Display, then disable Use System Size in order to access Tweetbot's text slider. Also in the display menu, you can now change how avatars are displayed. You can choose for avatars to be round or square, and you can also turn off avatar badges.

Quick actions use short and long swipes to the right to perform tasks. A long swipe to the right will let you reply to a tweet, while a short swipe will either retweet or favorite the chosen message. This is controlled in Settings > Short Right Swipe.

There are other improvements and enhancements, including the ability to share conversations through email or with Storify. Tweetbot 3.1 is available on the App Store now as a free update to existing users, while new users can still get the app on sale for $2.99.

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