Tweetbot 3.2 adds night theme, fast account switching, more!

Tweetbot 3.2 is now available, adding some enhancements, as well as the long-awaited night theme. Night theme turns all of the white elements of Tweetbot's UI dark gray. You can turn the theme on manually or set Tweetbot to turn it on automatically based on your screen brightness in the Display section of the app's settings.

There are two new methods of account switching in this update. You can hold down the account switch avatar in the upper left corner of the app, drag, and release. Or you could swipe left across the navbar to go to the next account. You can also rearrange the order of your accounts on the account selection view by holding down one of the avatars, then dragging it to its proper place. Tweetbot also now lets you favorite tweets from a separate account from the one you are currently using with a long press of the favorite button.

You can grab the free update now from the App Store.

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