Tweetbot 3.5 adds iOS 8 extension support, interactive notifications

Tweetbot for iPhone has updated to version 3.5, adding support both for iOS 8 as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Tweetbot now supports extensions, interactive notifications, and more.

Third party extensions can now be used inside Tweetbot. To access extensions, press and hold a tweet, or a link inside of one, to bring up the iOS share sheet. From there you can use your available set of share and action extensions to save links and images, or share them elsewhere. Additionally, Tweetbot now also supports the 1Password extension, which allows you to bring up the login information you need when you need it with the press of a button.

Tweetbot also supports interactive notifications. While third-party apps cannot access the quick-reply feature found in Apple's Messages app, they can add certain custom interactions. In Tweetbot's case, you can tap a button to favorite the tweet in the notification, or hit the reply button to be taken to a reply screen in Tweetbot.

Tweetbot 3.5 is available on the App Store right now.

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