Tweetbot for Mac adds Split View support on OS X El Capitan

Tweetbot for Mac has hit version 2.2, introducing support for fullscreen mode on OS X El Capitan, including support for Split View. There are also a number of other improvements, such as the layout of conversations and replies and the option for muted keywords to also mute lists and searches.

Check out the full list of changes below:

  • Fullscreen support and split screen support in 10.11
  • Tweet details now show conversation and replies in the same order as Tweetbot 4 for iOS.
  • Control-click on the fav button and fav from any of your accounts.
  • Muted keywords can now optionally mute lists and searches.
  • Various color changes to match Tweetbot 4 for iOS
  • Fixed an issue where "Find Users" when composing a tweet could end up with no results
  • Main menu: added Tweet > Share > Message Tweet and Open in Browser
  • Various bug fixes

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