So, who could it be running the approval process for the iTunes App Store at Apple? Hmm. Tough one. Let us put on our little thinking caps here for a moment.... SATAN?!

No, of course, not, nor the Church Lady from SNL, but it must be someone equally cartoonish, how else do we reconcile the App Store rejecting Tweetie 1.3 for containing "offensive language" in search results returned from the public Twitter "Trends" rankings? (via Twitter)

We can search for all manner of unholy pr0n in Mobile Safari, should Apple Reject their own core application because of what it may return as well? Are they expecting developers to become censors and str the fck out of words the way does? (see below).

Of course, this could just be one rogue App Store review processor gone horribly wrong, but Apple still bears responsibility for a totally opaque, seemingly capricious review process that creates incidents just like this -- over and over again.

They're likely selling enough fart apps and games to make this a small problem from their end, but they're losing badly when it comes to the good will of truly innovative developers and bleeding edge techies who form the core of any true next-generation platform.

Wake up, Apple. You're better than this.

(And good luck to Tweetie developer Loren Brichter on getting Tweetie 1.3 approved -- as it should be -- and into all of our waiting iPhones quickly!)

Screen shots showing the rejected "language" in Tweetie and others for the sake of comparison after the break (NSFW-L)...