Baselift for Macbook

Knowing that not everyone will want to lug around a stand in order to change the elevation of their MacBook, Twelve South has taken a new approach in an accessory that will always be attached. The Baselift is a microfiber-layered pad that serves two purposes once installed.

Rolling the pad up will create an elevated angle for the back of the MacBook, allowing for different viewing angles and a more comfortable typing experience. When not being used to elevate your computer, the Baselift doubles as a lap pad to put an additional barrier between your legs and the bottom of the aluminum MacBook. From Twelve South:

BaseLift features a two-piece design that fits any current MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. There's the primary BaseLift Pad and an optional secondary Fit Strip for 13 and 15-inch models. The dual-purpose stand + pad attaches to the bottom of your Mac quickly and easily thanks to our SurfaceGrip technology. Should you decide to remove SurfacePad, you'll find a clean, like new bottom on your MacBook. Once you attach BaseLift to your MacBook, you'll never go without it. Literally.

Twelve South will be selling the Baselift for $39.99 and appears only be available in red as of right now.

Source: Twelve South