HiRise for the Apple Watch

Twelve South says that the HiRise stand for the Apple Watch will be able to accommodate all of the official bands that have been announced for the smartwatch. It states:

HiRise for Apple Watch is designed, like HiRise for iPhone, with a stable, metal base that lets you interact with the screen on your watch while it's charging. See alerts, reply to messages or check the time at a glance. This brushed metal stand is elevated and angled just right so you can see your Watch screen while lying in bed or glancing over at a countertop. A non-slip rubber base keeps HiRise in place.

HiRise is designed so you can quickly and easily insert and remove the charging disk that comes with your Apple Watch. Simply press the magnetic disk on the end of your charging cable into the round, silicone-lined cutout on HiRise to begin charging your Watch. When you need to take your cable on a getaway or business trip, simply pop out the disk and go.

Twelve South will sell the HiRise Apple Watch stand for $49.99 in silver and black colors. At the moment, there's no word on when it will begin taking pre-orders for the stand.

Source: TwelveSouth