Twelve South's new Inspire candle on a shelf surrounded by tubes of paint

Apple accessory company Twelve South just introduced their second annual candle-based tribute to the Mac, called "Inspire." However this year's iteration, which the company refers to as Mac candle N°2, doesn't follow in the footsteps of its ultra-popular predecessor re: scent. Instead of smelling like a brand new MacBook, Inspire took a less gimmicky route and went for a more natural combination of smells like bergamot, amber, musk, lemon and tarragon.

The idea behind the scent was to do just what the candle's name suggests — inspire creativity, productivity and mental clarity. Citrusy smells like bergamot and lemon are known for their bright, clean and invigorating scent profiles, while tarragon's spicy smell is fiery and motivating (its botanical name, Artemisia dracunculus, means "little dragon" after all). According to the company, Inspire has "a fresh aroma that will liven up any home or office."

If you'd like to get your hands on an Inspire candle (or a ton of them so you can make a circle and summon the spirit of Apple this Halloween when the veil is thinnest), you can find them on Twelve South's website. Each candle is $29.99, and a portion of the proceeds will go to FIRST, a charity that helps young people get their start in the STEM field.

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Are you going to pick up this year's Mac-centric tribute candle? Are you disappointed that it doesn't smell like a freshly unboxed MacBook this time? Let us know in the comments!

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