Twelve South 'remasters' BassJump laptop subwoofer software with Mavericks support, more

Twelve South on Thursday announced the release of new software for their BassJump subwoofer, a speaker designed to work with Apple's laptops. The new Sound System 2.5 software is available for download immediately, and is a free update for BassJump users.

BassJump measures five inches on a side - two inches smaller than a Mac mini, but a bit higher at 2.24 inches. It weighs 1.4 pounds. Inside is a 77 mm subwoofer speaker cone, and it connects your Mac laptop using a USB minijack. No external power supply is needed.

With the software installed, the sound output of the BassJump is blended with the output of the MacBook's built-in speakers. The net result is that you hear fuller, more robust sound with deeper bass.

In addition to support for OS X Mavericks, BassJump Sound System 2.5 adds automatic headphone detection and a refreshed interface designed for Retina display-equipped MacBook Pros.

BassJump is compatible with all MacBook models.

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