SurfacePad cases stacked

Twelve South has recently announced some new SurfacePad colors that resemble options that you can find in Apple's leather cases, and they are stunning. Designed to be a 'case for people that don't want a case', the SurfacePad makes for a stylish addition to your iPhone. The company has been selling the SurfacePad series for some time already, but now they are adding some new colors into the mix.

Matching some of the new color choices from Apple, you can now snag the SurfacePad in midnight blue and lavender options. The blue is nice and dark, and will compliment any color iPhone while the lavender is a lighter color that pairs very well with the Rose Gold iPhone.

With the SurfacePad, you stick the backing of the case directly to your phone, but it can be easily removed and reapplied later. It then wraps around, protecting the left side of the phone, and covers the front of your phone when it isn't being used. Inside, Twelve South has included two card slots so you can carry your ID and debit card or any other cards you may need.

You can grab these new options from Twelve South's site for $49.99 with free shipping in the U.S.

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