TwigTwig is a rather innovative charging cable for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that looks to solve your cable clutter problem.  We all use the Apple supplied cable for charging and syncing our devices and the length of it probably means that it gets tangled up in your bag and it all becomes a bit messy. The Twig looks to solve that problem as well as offering a few extra features too.

The Twig is only 4 inches long and has a strong bendable wire skeleton with three legs; this enables it to be bent into shapes like a tripod. You can bend Twig to make an instant wall charger dock, FaceTime tripod or use it for a self-timed photograph; it really is a clever little invention.The video showing how the Twig was developed is especially interesting when you see where the inspiration came from.

The Twig has been developed by Jason Hilbourne who is the founder of 3D Product, a company based in Portland, Oregon. If you want to get an early piece of the action, you can get your hands on one when / if they are released from as little as $18. For the Twig to become a reality however pledges need to reach over $50,000; it currently stands at $22,000 but still has 28 days to go.

Source: Kickstarter