Twilight star Ashley Greene decided to take her purple-cased iPhone out for a walk. Looks like she's still rocking an iPhone 3GS but given the way she's holding it... well, that might be for the best right now. Still, we hope to see her rocking the iPhone 4 next time, okay Ms. Greene?

For those not familiar, Twilight is the third movie in a series based on the popular Twilight Saga books about the ill-fated love affair between humans, vampires, and ware-wolves. Leanna tried to fill me in -- apparently it's like smartphone editors, iPhone, Android, and webOS, or some such -- but I'm too old and unhip it seems.

(Back in my day vampires didn't sparkle in the sun -- they sizzled and screamed and burst into fiery pyres of evil bits. So while I can't say I don't hope Anne Rice and Joss Whedon aren't eating Twilight's author over a nice pint of B-neg as I type this, I can appreciate a member of the cast using TiPb's signature device.)

One more shot, after the break.

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[Thanks for the pics, DL!]