Twine attempts to bring balance to mobile flirting

Twine is a new "flirting" app that places importance on gender balance within the app. When you sign up for Twine using your Facebook login, you're placed in a queue before you can use the app, where you wait until there is someone who balances you out, so to speak. Whether you're looking for someone of the same or the opposite sex, you must wait until someone else wants to join who is potentially compatible with you.

After you get in, you can find people near you and chat anonymously, only revealing your identity when you choose to, and putting an emphasis on conversation. Twine also says that they'll never post anything to Facebook without your permission. Twine users are matched with based on their interests, and Twine uses a unique chat tool to help users communicate base on those interests. Called ICE Breaker, the tool suggests conversation topics based on the shared interests of the two users. You can chat with up to three other Twine users per day, which is meant to help focus users on deeper conversations, as well as cut down on spam messaging.

Placing importance on balance sets Twine apart from other, similar apps and services. If you've tried other flirting apps in the past and are looking for something new, and you have a Facebook account, give Twine a try. You can download Twine for free from the App Store now.

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