Twitter 6.1 makes it even easier to share photos

Twitter has been updated to version 6.1, adding new options and features, including making it easier to reply with and edit photos. A couple of other improvements have been made to login verifications and discovery.

After tapping on a tweet, you can reply with a photo using the gallery icon. Twitter will now also remind you to mention your friends when you tweet a photo so you can easily share it with as many people as possible. It's also easier to edit photos now. You can crop photos by selecting your desired resolution. You can rotate your image before posting to see how it looks in your tweet. The photo view has also been improved.

Twitter has made some other improvements with version 6.1. When you pull to refresh your timeline, and no new tweets appear, you will now be shown something new, like tweets favorited by someone you follow. Tapping the banner that appears will take you to the Discover timeline for more. Additionally, if you're using login verification, you will no longer need temporary passwords to login to your device.

Twitter 6.1 is availabe for download from the App Store now.

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