Twitter 6.3 brings photo tagging, lets you tweet up to four pics at once

Twitter updated their app to version 6.3 today, bringing photo tagging and the ability to tweet multiple photos at once. Twitter says that the goal of this is to make photos more social.

You can now tag up to 10 people in a photo that you tweet. Importantly, tagging doesn't use any characters, so you still have all 140 for a message. To tag someone, select one of your photos and tap on "Who's in this photo" when it comes up. Then type and select the name of the person you want to tag. You can add up to nine more names to the photo. After the photo is tweeted, tags will appear next it, and let users navigate to a tagged person's profile by tapping their name.

You can also tweet up to four photos at once. Simply select four images from the composer to place them in a tweet. Tap on one of the photos to make it larger, then swipe to view the rest at that size. Both multiple photos and tagging will appear in embedded tweets.

Source: Twitter

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