Twitter is previewing a new iPhone-friendlier version of their website, mobile.twitter.com, this time "eating their own dogfood" by using the same APIs they provide to developers. While Twitter has long had their m.twitter.com mobile site it's fair to say it was eclipsed by native iPhone apps making use of those APIs.

Will the new WebApp get users to go back to the online source? Personally, the power and performance of the latest App Store apps is going to be tough to beat, but if I'm ever stuck using someone else's iPhone (or non-iPhone mobile device, like I will be this weekend), a better web-based alternative will certainly be much appreciated. Says @twittermobile lead @leland on the Twitter blog:

This is just the start, we’re excited about the new APIs launching at Twitter, and have been busy tinkering with some neat ways to use them. We look forward to sharing more cool things with you soon.

It's optimized for mobile WebKit based browsers like the iPhone right now, but they'll be tweaking it for the good of all platforms eventually. If you give mobile.twitter.com a try, let us know how you like it.