Twitter has hired a new Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, bringing over Jeffrey Siminoff from Apple. At Apple since September 2013, Siminioff was previously Apple's Director of Worldwide Inclusion & Diversity. Siminoff is also a founding member of LGBT advocacy organization Out Leadership, and previously worked at Morgan Stanely.

From Fortune:

While Siminoff was at Apple, the company had a few high-profile public moments related to diversity, especially surrounding gay rights. After Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was gay in a Bloomberg editorial, he became a public voice on gay rights issues, including speaking out against anti-gay "religious freedom laws" in an op-ed published in the Washington Post. In August, he said that Apple has a "lot more work" to do on diversity issues.

Siminoff will be replacing Janet Van Huysse, who has been with Twitter for six years, leading the company's human resources department. It will be interesting to see how Siminoff tackles diversity at Twitter, given that by the end of his tenure at Apple, the company is still mostly both white and male.

Source: Jeffrey Siminoff (Twitter), Fortune