Twitter is quietly rolling out a feature to its iPhone and iPad app that will allow those who wish to easily read tweets from a specific location to do so. Whether you happen to be at a sports stadium, music festival or even a business HQ. The data is being made available for tweets thanks to a partnership formed between the micro-blogging platform and Foursquare.


When looking at tweet with a tagged location (it can even be a city, reports TechCrunch), you will be provided with a dedicated feed for said locations when tapping on them from view. Tagged tweets will have a "- at [tagged location]" attached to said listings. There's even a handy map displayed way up top too. Unfortunately, it's not entirely seamless yet, as detailed in TechCrunch's report:

"Getting to these location feeds can be a bit tricky. City-level location, which many users leave on all the time, isn't shown on tweets in the main timeline or profiles. You have to click into a tweet's detail view to see it, then click on the city name to see its feed."

Not only that, but there's no convenient way to browse through location feeds using the platform's own search system. It's noted that Twitter could show featured locations within results, much like it does already with named accounts it recommends you should follow. A similar approach could be taken for places too. It will aid folk in reading through tweets from those who are actually there, as opposed to those jumping onto hashtags.

It'll be interesting to see how the company expands on this new feature. Twitter informed TechCurnch that location tagging and viewing will arrive on other platforms soon.