Hot on the heals of Instagram's new big update that includes a new filter -- not to mention their removal of Twitter card and embed support! -- Twitter has released an update to their iPhone app that allows you to add filters to your photos when sharing them to Twitter. They even made a fancy video to show off the new feature and teach you how to use it. The filters are a result of a partnership with Aviary; they are responsible for powering Twitter's photo filters and effects.

There are 8 different filters available in Twitter for iPhone ranging from black and white to vintage. Instead of forcing you to see the effects on your photo one by one, like Instagram, Twitter has included a bird's-eye view that lets you see how each filters looks on your photo at the same time in a grid.

In addition to the filters, Twitter also lets you crop and frame your photos as a square if you wish. There is also an auto-enhance button that will help give your photos that extra oomph with balanced light and colors.

The update has not yet gone live, but we'll let you know as soon as it does! In the meantime, let us know if you're looking forward to this new feature. If you do not use the official Twitter for iPhone app, will this update compel you to give it a try?

UPDATE: It's live! Go get it!

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Source: Twitter

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