Twitter Music

This morning Twitter announced #music, a new app which allows Twitter users to post and listen to embedded tracks from iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio. By checking out the new #NowPlaying section, you can get a snapshot view of what's being listened to by the people you follow. For those looking for something new, you can flip through the Suggested, Emerging, and Popular sections. If you're a subscriber to either Spotify or Rdio, you can listen to the full tracks, but otherwise you just get an iTunes preview. Links are provided to the Twitter accounts of performing artists from the playback window, along with options to share the track yourself.

What's particularly interesting about this whole thing is that #music isn't just folded into the native Twitter app; it's an entirely separate app altogether. It's certainly cool that Twitter's making new apps, but I can't help but feel that this feature could have been a huge differentiator to the native Twitter client. It also feels like the iTunes connection could be a bit stronger than simply pulling in previews and linking off to the store; Twitter was cozy with Ping once upon a time, after all.

The initial rollout for Twitter #music is taking place in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. An Android roll-out and wider international spread are in the works, but in the meantime, they can still enjoy the web version. Spotify and Rdio customers, are you pumped about the new service? Those of you that aren't subscribers, could a social engine like this get you to sign up? Could you see yourself buying a track through iTunes that was discovered through Twitter #music?

Source: Twitter

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