Two anonymous sources are claiming that Twitter was looking to acquire Camera+, one of the top iPhone photography apps available. This, of course, would be in response to Facebook recently snagging the hugely popular iPhone app Instagram. Unfortunately, the folks that make Camera+ are all over the world, and few were willing to move to San Francisco as a part of the deal.

Twitter has a long-standing mobile lineage, so it makes sense that they're looking to the world of iOS apps to expand their workforce. They reportedly even had talks with Instagram (as did Google) before Facebook swooped it up. Sure, Camera+ only has a fraction of the userbase Instagram enjoys, but really any devs with experience creating filters could significantly upgrade the embedded photography functions of the native Twitter apps for iOS. Camera+ already plugs into Twitter, includes geotagging support, and has offers image stabilization when taking your picture.

Even if these talks fell through (if they happened at all, that is), it's entirely possible that Twitter execs will continue to hunt for savvy app developers to upgrade Twitter's mobile photography experience. Maybe the guys at Camera Awesome would be open to that kind of conversation....

Twitter has a history of buying mobile apps and taking on their developers, after all. They bought Loren Brichter's Tweetie for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and they bought Tweetdeck, darling of the social marketers.

How often do you guys share pictures on Twitter? Which cloud service do you usually upload to? Is there a particular iOS app you use to take your snaps? Do you tend to apply artsy filters when you share mobile pics online?

Source: Bloomberg