Update: The feature is live! You can now search Twitter @names and #hashtags right from Spotlight on iOS and OS X. Not all searches are returning results yet, but that will hopefully improve as it rolls out.

During Twitter's earnings call yesterday, CEO Dick Costello noted that the company would be partnering with Apple, bringing Tweets to Spotlight. Spotlight is Apple's built-in searching mechanism found on both iOS and OS X. From Seeking Alpha's transcript of the call:

And finally, we are also working with Apple to surface great Twitter content and accounts directly in Spotlight Search on iOS and OS X, that also makes it easier and quicker to find great things on Twitter.

Costello didn't offer any further details, including when we might expect to see Tweets appear in Spotlight. Apple itself has made no announcement around the potential of this feature.

Spotlight already allows users on OS X and iOS to search for apps, email messages, contacts, and calendar events. Additionally, Twitter support is already baked into Siri, Apple's virtual assistant software on iOS.

Source: Seeking Alpha