Twitterrific adds facial recognition to help better align your images

Popular third-party Twitter client Twitterrific has been updated to add a number of improvements to the user experience, including new technology for rich media previews and a new notification type. It's now also easier to enable or disable notifications for the app.

Twitterrific now uses facial recognition technology for images. This allows Twitterrific to properly align image attachments. The app also has a new notification type for quoted tweets.

You can check out all of the changes below:


  • Rich media previews use facial recognition to properly frame subjects
  • Swipe from left screen edge to go back/dismiss the current view
  • New notification type: quoted tweets (iOS & Apple Watch)
  • Enable/Disable in notification settings


  • Optimized loading, rotation, and scrolling throughout the application
  • Visual improvements to navigation bars and in-app notification banners
  • In-app notifications no longer obscure bottom timeline navigation
  • Gestures for dismissing photos and videos are now more responsive
  • Tapping timeline header bars now supports scroll to top/marker behavior
  • Zosimo font supports Cyrillic and improves readability
  • Improved network efficiency when saving Tweetmarker
  • Improved readability for notifications on Apple Watch
  • Improved VoiceOver support on Apple Watch
    • Provides more detailed glance information
    • Improves summaries of listed notifications
  • VoiceOver now reads quoted tweets
  • Minor UI tweaks in Today view

There are also a number of bug fixes in this update, improving the reliability of posting tweets, and downloading images in the background, among others. You can find Twitterrific 5.12.1 on the App Store right now.

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