Twitterrific goes free, adds in-app purchases

Twitterrific, the popular Twitter client for both iPhone and iPad, has just been updated to version 5.7 which brings with it a new freemium model. While new users can try before they buy, those who have already purchased the app will have all features unlocked automatically.

The Twitterrific app for iOS previously sold for $2.99 on the App Store. Any user who bought the app prior to version 5.7 won't notice any difference and should automatically see all the premium features unlocked.

The freemium model of Twitterrific lets users try out the service without having to pay up front. You can then choose to purchase push notifications, remove ads, and buy translation separately. Each feature costs $1.99. You can purchase only the features you want or remove all restrictions for $3.99, a small discount from purchasing them separately.

Those that purchased the app for $2.99 essentially are getting $1 off but it raises an important question — how do you feel about freemium pricing? There are surely some developers out there that abuse it but Icon Factory seems to have taken an approach that both rewards early adopters but opens themselves up to more potential customers through the 'try before you buy' approach. What do you think? If you didn't buy Twitterrific before, are you compelled to try it now? Let me know in the comments!

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