Tylt Band Car Charger review

Tylt has separated itself from the pack of Apple accessory vendors by thoughtful and unique industrial designs; they don't quite look like anything else out there. The Band Car Charger is no different - it's not your average-looking car charger. It's a premium design that commands a premium price. Is the design worth the extra money?

The Band Car Charger measures two feet long - pretty average for an auto charging cable, and sports a flat, wide ribbon cable that doesn't tangle up like thinner cables do. Sheathed in silicone, Tylt makes the Band in four bold colors - very vibrant green, red, and blue, along with a more understated black, if you prefer the traditional look.

The Band plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter (or power outlet, as the case may be). It's available in Micro USB, 30-pin Dock Connector and Lightning versions. I opted for the Lightning variant so I could juice up my iPhone on the road.

Tylt Band USB closeup

With 2.1 amp output, the Band has enough power to juice up my iPhone or my iPad. A spare USB port is built into the plug, so you can hook up another sync cable to charge two phones simultaneously. This comes in handy if you are traveling with a companion and both of you want to charge up your devices, or if you happen to have a device that uses a connector other than the one that's built into the Band.

The Band is Apple-certified, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your iPhone or iPad. It is quite pricy for a simple charging cable, even one with a spare USB port built in. Be prepared to pay a stiff premium for the unusual design.

The good

  • Flat ribbon cable won't tangle
  • Colorful options to make the cable easy to find
  • Spare USB port

The bad

  • Expensive

The bottom line

Tylt's Band car charging cable looks much better than the average cable and works well, too, but I question whether the special colors, flat ribbon design and spare USB port really merit the huge price premium.