Typed.com is a blogging platform from longtime Apple developers — and iMore hall-of-famers — Realmac. It's responsive, it supports Markdown, tags, themes, pretty URLs, Pages, and multiple contributors, admins, and blogs. And it's now up for crowdfunding support at Indiegogo.

Typed.com is a blogging service for writers, journalists, artists, storytellers, and for anyone with something to say. It's the online writing platform that we've been wanting to create and use for years.

Online services come and go, but we want to make something that stands the test of time. We want Typed.com to be around for decades to come, and with your help we can make this happen. We can build a blogging platform that's sustainable and enjoyable to use.

Realmac is already famous for web tools, namely RapidWeaver for OS X, and Typed has been available as a stand-alone writing app for Mac for a while now. They're also phenomenal at user experience, exemplified by apps like Clear and Ember.

So, yeah, hosted blogging platforms are by no means a sparsely populated space, but its an important one, and one where Realmac's sensibilities could make them really appealing.

Check out the Typed.com Indiegogo and if you like it, back it.

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