TypeSnippets offers visual text expansion for iPhone and iPad

Where tools like TextExpander allow you to simplify text entry by creating small, text-based snippets for commonly-used phrases or pieces of information, TypeSnippets takes that simplicity a step further by making your snippets visual and tappable.

You can build your snippets in the TypeSnippets app. Tap Create a Snippet to get started, then add things like your name, an email signature, and more. When you use the TypeSnippet keyboard in any iOS app, all you'll need to do is tap your desired snippet and you're done. While using the keyboard, you can elect to create a new snippet from your iOS clipboard.

TypeSnippet is free to download, but with a $2.99 in-app purchase to unlock unlimited snippets and the full feature set. You can download TypeSnippet from the App Store now.