U2 will reportedly join Apple on stage at iPhone 6 event

Apple is set to make its announcement tomorrow, September 9, and we're hearing that music band U2 will play a part in that announcement. After repeated speculations of U2's role at Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 6 and potential iWatch unveilings on Tuesday, we still don't know what the exact partnership will entail between U2 and Apple.

In the past, we've heard rumors that U2 may be performing at a stage that Apple is building next door to the venue that will host the hardware unveiling, and there is also chatter that the iPhone 6 may come pre-loaded with U2's songs or new album, though that's largely unconfirmed. The New York Times is only reporting about U2's performance at Apple's events and gave no other information.

Exactly what U2 will reveal on Tuesday, and how it is connected to Apple, is unclear, and people close to the band grew hushed and reluctant when pressed for specifics. Last week, when speculaton about the band's involvement began to circulate through the music industry, the best guess was that its next album would come installed on the iPhone 6. People close to the band dismissed the idea, but said that U2's deal with Apple would involve the release of new music in an innovative way, and Apple's event would partly serve as a big, splashy stunt to generate publicity.

U2 had partnered with Apple in the past on a special edition iPod model and U2's Bono also worked with Apple in launching some Product Red items. Additionally, the connection between U2 and Apple is growing stronger as Beats, the company that Apple acquired, Jimmy Iovine, was U2's "longtime handler" at the band's record label.

Source: NYT