For fear of them being 'hacked' and used to 'listen in' on secret meetings, the UK Government has reportedly banned iPads from all sensitive talks. Multiple UK newspapers have run the story this weekend, and while these are just reports, fear of spying is allegedly topic number 1 for their removal. From The Mail on Sunday:

The No 10 security team was very jumpy about last week’s Cabinet meeting. The cause of their concern: the presence of a clutch of iPads. Their worry was that the devices could be hacked by a foreign power and used to listen in to Cabinet. So, Ministers were instructed not to touch them.

It also extends to other mobile devices, so says The Telegraph:

Ministers in sensitive government departments have been issued with soundproof lead-lined boxes, which they must place their mobiles in when having sensitive conversations, it emerged this week.

Espionage from the likes of China, Iran and Pakistan is feared, with it claimed that those countries have developed the technology to turn devices such as phones and tablets into listening devices, even when it is switched off. I'm no security expert, so if you understand what's claimed to be going on drop me a line in the comments. But it seems like good old fashioned pen and paper from now on if you're going to be involved in any secret Government meetings here in Blighty.

Source: The Mail on Sunday, The Telegraph via The Verge