UK Satellite broadcaster Sky set to roll out local downloads on its Sky Go mobile appsUK satellite television broadcaster Sky will launch updates to its hugely popular Sky Go apps next week that will enable users to download content and not just stream it. According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, the service will see Sky launch a subscription based service that will not only allow users to stream content that matches their actual home Sky subscription but be expanded to include movies and TV series too.

The subscription will cost £5 a month and will allow you to register up to four devices to download on-demand TV shows and movies from Sky’s huge catalogue. The content will stay on your device for 30 days after you have downloaded it then it will not be available. You will be able to download as much content as you like with the only restrictions being the available storage on your device.

The move by Sky will certainly bring some competition to Lovefilm and Netflix which both offer movie and TV show streaming services in the UK. Sky however is such a well-known brand that it is sure to take a big chunk of that market when it launches next week. Currently Netflix offers its streaming service for £5.99 a month and Lovefilm is offering a special price of £4.99 a month; it’s no surprise then that Sky chose the £5 a month figure for its service.

Sky claims that more than a quarter of its 11 million subscribers already actively use its Sky Go service. The Sky Go Extra service will be the first mobile TV subscription service in the UK and Ireland that offers Hollywood movies to download and watch offline.

If you are currently a Sky subscriber, would you be happy to pay an additional £5 a month to get access to this service?

Source: The Telegraph