What do you want to see in an Apple iTV television set?

Update: iTV denies The Telegraph's report

There have been an increasing number of rumors flying around that Apple is set to launch its own television set later this year. The rumors also all seem to think that if Apple does follow this product route, this particular television set will be called the iTV. Unfortunately for Apple, there is already a huge broadcasting company in the UK that already owns the name ITV. ITV stands for (Independent Television) and it is sharpening its knives ready for a fight; if Apple does decide to launch a television this year and name it the iTV.

Adam Crozier, chief executive of Britain’s biggest commercial broadcaster, raised the issue with the company when he took the job in 2010, amid expectations that Apple would follow the pattern of branding used for its iPhone and iPad when it eventually cracked television. At the time, ITV, the broadcaster of popular period drama Downton Abbey, received assurances that Apple would not muscle into its territory, at least in the UK. However, insiders fear that the world’s biggest company might take a different stance under Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs as chief executive shortly before Mr Jobs died in August last year.

In our opinion, it would be much more likely that Apple would just replace its current Apple TV product with the new television set. Calling a small black box that connects to your TV an Apple TV is much more confusing than actually calling a full blown television set an Apple TV. However if Apple does decide to plow ahead and call the rumored television set the iTV, it would face strong opposition from ITV and no doubt another costly legal battle.

Source: The Telegraph