Best Rechargeable AAA Batteries iMore 2021

We all need to do our bit to be more green and batteries are a great way to start. Switching to rechargeable batteries than can be re-juiced hundreds and hundreds of times makes sense both for the planet and for your bank balance. Take a look at our selection of six of the best four packs of rechargeable batteries available today.

Extra eco: Energizer Recharge Extreme Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Staff Pick

Energizer's 800mAH NiMH batteries enjoy a "world first" status as they are made with 4% recycled batteries, making them even more of an eco choice. Energizer claims these last up to six times longer in digital cameras than basic alkaline options. They can be recharged up to 500 times and once juiced, keep their charge for up to a year.

£7 at Amazon

Phone-friendly: Varta High Capacity Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Portable power expert Varta also offers a four-pack of AAA batteries specially designed for use in landline DECT phones. They have an 800mAh capacity and are compatible with all types and brands of NiMH-based products. These batteries can be recharged up to 1,000 times without any adverse memory effect.

£8 at Amazon

Nickelbatt: Philips R03B4A100/10 Rechargeable AAA Batteries

These NiMH AAA batteries from Philips have a strong spec sheet as they have a high 950mAh capacity and can be recharged up to an impressive 1,000 times. Designed for use in high-energy devices, such as cameras, battery-powered toys and games controllers, Philips promises these will last longer than traditional batteries.

£6 at Amazon

Re-re-re-charge: Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Panasonic's Eneloop branded batteries come pre-charged with planet-loving solar power, so are good to go out of the box. The NiMH batteries have a 750mAH capacity and can be recharged a whopping 2,100 times. They have a low discharge rate and will still have 70% power after 10 years in storage.

£9 at Amazon

Pre-power: AmazonBasics High Capacity Rechargeable AAA Batteries

If you want to keep things simple, the AmazonBasics range offers a four-pack of rechargeable AAA batteries that are delivered in the company's plain frustration-free packaging. Plus, thanks to a solar juice-up before packing, they are also good to go out of the box. The NiMH fuel cells have a typical 850mAh capacity and will survive 500 recharge cycles.

£6 at Amazon

5 years' time: Duracell Recharge Ultra Type Rechargeable AAA Batteries

If you're a cautious consumer, please note that these batteries come with a guarantee to last five years. Designed to work in any NiMH charger, they have a 900mAh capacity and arrive pre-charged. From a full charge, Duracell claims up to 50 hours use in a wireless mouse and the ability to snap up to 275 pictures in the average digital camera.

£9 at Amazon

Keen to be green

There are plenty of choices for anyone researching their next pack of rechargeable triple As. If you're looking primarily for longevity, then consider splashing the extra on Panasonic's Eenelop option which can be recharged well over two thousand times.

If your main reason for choosing to go down the rechargeable route because you want to be more green, then we recommend our overall staff pick, the Energizer Recharge Extreme four-pack. We love these as their eco-credentials are strengthened by the fact they are made from 4% recycled batteries.

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