Best Steam Diverter for Instant Pots iMore 2022

Love your Instant Pot, but hate the steam release? Join the club. Hot steam from pressure cookers can badly damage kitchen cabinets with moisture and can even cause warping. A steam diverter that directs the release away is an absolute must for people who like to pressure cook often. We've got several good choices so you can find the one that's perfect for you.

Hydream Steam Diverter

Colourful and efficient: Hydream Steam Diverter

Staff Pick

Available in black, red and green, this two-sided steam diverter directs the pressure to either side of your cooker. It's made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone and has a handy hook at the top so you can store it by hanging it up.

£7 at Amazon
Goldlion Steam Diverter

Colourful and efficient: Goldlion Steam Diverter

This amusingly-shaped steam diverter has four slot options to fit your pressure cooker's valve, meaning you can vent the steam in a direction that suits your kitchen layout. Made of food-grade silicone, it's dishwasher-safe. A Lux version is also available.

£11 at Amazon
Keku Steam Diverter

Sleek silicone style: Keku Steam Diverter

This smart black steam diverter directs the steam downwards from either side of the device, protecting cabinets above. Another food-grade silicone option, it's dishwasher safe and also boasts a hook for hanging.

£9 at Amazon
Qualife Steam Diverter

Fits all Duo and Smart Models: Qualife Steam Diverter

Designed to be put in place just before you release the steam, this simple solution directs the steam release in one direction at a 90-degree angle. Made of soft silicone, it can go in the dishwasher.

£7 at Amazon
Henmi Steam Diverter

Fits Duo 60: Henmi Steam Diverter

This super sturdy option fits the Instant Pot Duo 60's steam vent snuggly to stop any leaks. You can direct the cannon-shaped diverter where you want the steam to be released in a 360-degree angle.

£11 at Amazon
SteamMates Nelson

Fun character: SteamMates Nelson Steam Diverter

What could be more apt to issue steam than a dragon? "Nelson" will help you direct your Instant Pot pressure cooker's steam release away from vulnerable areas. After that, he's happy to take a dip in the dishwasher.

£35 at Amazon

Sweet release

Which steam diverter you should opt for is going to be very much dependent on which model of Instant Pot pressure cooker you have. The other consideration is which way you want the steam to be diverted, sideways, straight ahead or downwards towards your countertops.

Our overall best pick, the Hydream Steam Diverter comes recommended for owners of a Duo and Smart models and diverts the steam evenly out of each side, protecting cabinets overhead.

If you own an Instant Pot Duo 60, then the substantial Henmi Steam Diverter is good quality and popular choice. Meanwhile, anyone that enjoys the lighter side of life will enjoy inviting SteamMates Nelson into their kitchen.

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