Whether you're a student or a teacher, this latest release from 'Education Apps' – and the developers first on iOS – is sure to attract some attention. Gojimo is a new all in one learning tool which you'll be able to utilize on the go with your iPhone or iPad.

Available on the iPhone and iPad, with content for most British and American secondary school qualifications, Gojimo offers content from some of the world’s largest academic publishers including McGraw-Hill Education and Oxford University Press. Students are able to download the app for free and can then purchase textbooks, study guides and quizzes as an in-app purchase.

Gojimo will offer students the ability to download the application for free and then via in-app purchases they can buy the content that is relevant to them. I've been lucky enough to meet with Education Apps creator George Burgess a few times as he has already had success on various platforms with other applications and he's a great guy with a real passion for bringing the finest educational apps to mobile platforms. Better yet, Burgess wants to try and take some of the stress out of exam revision, and make it a little more fun:

“We’re playing around with some interesting gamification ideas; the hope is that we can make exam preparation just slightly more bearable for students,” says Burgess. “We’ve seen mobiles and tablets revolutionise every part of our lives, except for education. Gojimo changes that.”

If you're in school in the UK or the U.S. then this one is definitely worth checking out. Grab the new app at the App Store link below, and drop back with your thoughts. It's a great app, but we'd love to know what folks in education think of it.

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