Unibody aluminium iPhone competitor HTC One gets reviewed

Android Central's Alex Dobie has posted his definitive HTC One review. While he bewilderingly managed to misspell aluminium, Dobie otherwise did a fantastic job looking at the almost Apple-class unibody hardware, stunning 1080p LCD display, and the interesting if more divisive HTC Sense 5 interface. His conclusion:

he HTC One is an exquisite piece of design and engineering. From the hardware to the software, HTC’s new handset incorporates some of the very best design work in the industry. If there’s something to be disappointed about, it might be the much-vaunted “UltraPixel” camera. Which is not to say it’s bad per se -- in fact, it’s pretty good. But it’s a long way off being the silver bullet to cure all your mobile photography woes, and though its low-light performance is fantastic, it still lags behind the competition in some other areas.

In spite of this, is it HTC’s best phone yet? Without question. And on balance, is it the best Android phone you can buy? For the moment, absolutely.

I had an HTC G1 and an HTC Nexus One, and to date they've made my favorite Android hardware by a long stretch. The HTC One looks far better built than either the Nexus 4 I currently own, or Samsung's just-announced Galaxy S4. I use my phone all day, every day, so how it feels is incredibly important.

But then again, so is software, and that sounds like it's still a challenge for HTC. At least the interface sounds smooth, though, which would be fantastic if it holds true day in day out, app in, app out.

If you're interested in seeing aluminium and glass at 4.7-inch scale, along with some great speakers, audacious camera technology, and... curious button and Home screen choices, check the Dobie's full review. Then come back here and let me know if there's anything about the HTC One you'd like to see Apple incorporate into future versions of the iPhone.

Source: Android Central