Those commie rats in China will stop at nothing to topple Western Democracy. This time defiling our beloved iPhone. According to Chinese state newspaper Dian Nao Bao, illegally unlocked iPhones are being sold in electronics stores from Beijing to Guangzhou. Interestingly these phones apparently originate from Shenzhen, the location where iPhones are manufactured for Apple. Didn't Steve Jobs make a remark at D5 about ships that leak from the top? Better look in that Steve-O.

Freedom comes with a price, however. The Commie-friendly iPhone has crippled functionality, capable of making only outgoing calls and text messages. What it can't do is receive incoming calls, which leads one to wonder why anyone, Chinese or otherwise, would drop serious cash on a disabled phone? Speaking of cash, the price tag for one of these Red iPhones is roughly 8,800 yuan ($1,170) for a taste of capitalist decadence.