Unread on an iPad Mini

Unread, an RSS reader that tries to bring joyh to reading your favorite feeds, has come to the iPad. Like it's iPhone counterpart, Unread for iPad provides a clean, simple interface for both navigating and reading news items, along with a number of options for sharing your favorite stories.

In order to use Unread, you will need an account from at least one of the following services: FeedWrangler, Feedbin, Feedly, Fever, or NewsBlur. The app supports background refresh on iOS 7, updating your feeds at periodic intervals, with articles and images being saved for offline reading. You can mark articles as read by double-tapping its summary, while pressing and holding the summary will show a menu of options.

Unread gives its users several options for sharing and saving stories. You can save articles to Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, and Safari's Reading List. You can share with Twitter and App.net, and Unread supports as-you-type syntax highlighting, cursor swipe gesture shortcuts, and automatic smart quotes to send snippets of text through those services. You can also send snippets to task managers OmniFocus and Things to create reminders, and more app options will come to Unread in the future.

There are other, smaller features that developer Nice Boy hopes will improve your reading experience. A persistent web browser remembers your history and retains your current page, even when dismissed. Footnote popovers make reading footnotes fast and simple. Unread also includes complete support for VoiceOver in every aspect of the app.

Unread is a new app, separate from the iPhone version. You can download it from the App Store for $4.99 right now.

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