unzip your files old school style with winzip for iphone and ipad

Folks, this is not a joke -- your Windows 98 experience on iOS is now complete! WinZip for iPhone and iPad is here. Sure, there are plenty of other apps out there that include zip functionality, including more encompassing apps like Readdle Docs and Good Reader, but come on -- WinZip is a classic. A novelty.

WinZip doen't offer anything more than the ability to decompress and view zipped files, but it does it well, and it does it fast. Think of it as Quick Look from the Mac -- it offers a quick method of viewing your zip files and nothing more. Nothing. Not even the ability to open these files in other apps that offer more functionality. Nadda.

Despite this, I'm still drawn to WinZip because it's, well, WinZip. And it's free. Seeing its icon on my iPhone and iPad brings back many memories of our first family computer and dial-up internet. Ah, the good ol' days.

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