Apple's closest rivals in the wireless handset business are taking full advantage of the company's platform dictatorship, extolling the openness of their own software to application development. Highlighting a strategy of use me, abuse me, do what you want to me approach to software design, Microsoft and Symbian are quick to point out that their platforms aren't surrounded by high voltage fences and men in guard towers with sniper rifles.

Earlier this week Nokia updated its homepage with a new message taunting Apple... "We believe the best devices have no limits. That's why we've left the Nokia NSeries open. Open to applications. Open to Widgets. Open to anything.". Yeah, open to anything except touchscreens and intuitively designed software, right Nokia? Guess you forgot to include that part.

Microsoft, for its part, had no shortage of words on the matter. Windows Mobile group leader Scott Rockfeld told reporters... "We think the best approach is to create a sound platform and allow partners to extend that platform." Great philosophy, Scott. It's a pity your company can't design a decent mobile platform to empower those partners, instead of the death march of Windows Mobile mediocrity.

The really scrotum injuring aspect is the poignancy of these comments. Apple's platform strategy, or lack thereof, is doing far more harm to itself than its competitors. The fun is done. iPhone is losing its sheen. The time has come for Apple to open the kimono to application development now!