Now after watching the above video, it seems as if Google has made one heck of a voice recognition app. But where the heck has it gone?!

It's pretty clear Google loves the iPhone, that is something we all know. Now why would Apple go ahead and delay their latest App Store app, Advanced Voice Search? Or have the reports of a Friday release been greatly exaggerated? The app was "expected" to make it's appearance in the App Store this past Friday. TechCrunch is now telling us to look for it tomorrow!


blockquote>Google was under the impression that the application would be live on the App Store on Friday (obviously, since they pushed all significant press attention to it). Sometime Friday they found out Apple wouldn’t be pushing it, despite the fact that Google submitted it for review earlier in the week and got a thumbs up for Friday. One source says they’ve had little direct contact with Apple during the review, instead getting their updates via the standard iPhone developer tool, which has said “in review” for the last few days.

So what is your take on this? Why did Apple delay this app from Google? Or do you think it was never slated to be released this past week at all?

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[Via Techcrunch]