Updated Sonos app to add slick new interface, universal search, and more

Sonos has announced a completely revamped iOS app that will sport a new interface, as well as new features, including universal search. Gone is the blue of the old app, replaced with a clean, white interface that lets the user to navigate to any part of the app with a few quick taps. Users will be able to quickly navigate between sections, easily accessing favorites and adding new music services. Before adding a music service to Sonos, the app can show them more information on that service. The new controller will also make it easier to choose which room music plays in.

The updated controller app will also feature universal search, letting you find the song you want to hear, no matter where it is. You can search by artist, album, song, and more, and the Sonos app will search all available music services, as well as your own music library, in order to find what you're looking for. You can, for instance, find a particular song on Pandora, start playing it, then find that artist's album on Spotify or Beats Music, and play that, all without leaving your original search.

While the beta is already available for some Android users, the updated Sonos controller app will arrive for iPhone and iPad this spring, with desktop apps following later this year.