I'm Canadian, so I care about the U.S. election only in so far as which candidate is less likely to invade us for our rich, tasty maple syrup reserves, and more likely to keep sending us movies, TV shows, and video games, all now the property of Disney Corp. Yet I understand a lot of you are U.S. citizens and care very much about the next 4 years of leadership in your country. So -- GET OUT AND VOTE.

Then, once you're done, come on back to iMore and we'll return to arguing about things from which there's never respite -- Apple vs. Google. iPhone vs. iPad. Marvel vs. DC. Coke vs. Pepsi. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. The Beatles vs. Elvis. Tastes great vs. less filling. Jackie Chan vs. Bruce Lee. Boxers vs. briefs. Cases vs. naked. Patents vs. no patents. Sparrow vs. Mailplane. 5 Guys vs. In-and-Out. East coast vs. West siyeeeeeeed. And shaved vs. unshaved (hey, it's MOvember!)

Because remember folks, we're all in this together. We all have to make this work.