In the always entertaining game of analyst hot potato, Apple Insider brings word from global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois who writes that his checks agree with their Apple analyst, Ben Reitzesa's checks, that a 3G HSDPA "will be released by mid-year".

According to Gaudois, current iPhone chip supplier Infineon, in anticipation of the switch, is ramping down production of 2.5G Edge basebands.

Everyone, everywhere seems to agree that Apple will need to drop a 3G iPhone this year in order to make good on the 10 million unit sales prediction (by end of 2008) most recently reaffirmed by COO Tim Cook, so this isn't exactly Nostradamus-level prognostication, but the Apple rumor-mill has gotten better as of late (fatty Nano and MacBook Air being prime example).

So, will we see a 3G iPhone sporting Infineon by the summer? Does Intel's mobile platform fit in anywhere?